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As a luminaire for basic lighting and indirect lighting, the minimalist design style of LINA-F is more integrated with the current mainstream interior design style.The aluminum alloy shell brings more efficient heat dissipation, and the IP44 waterproof structure enclosed inside the lamp body can effectively prevent water vapor from damaging the electrical components inside the lamp body, ensure the service life of the lamp, and meet the needs of use in humid environments. diversification.High-quality large-angle PC optical diffuser, wider 180° light-emitting surface,
Taking into account the light emitting efficiency and uniformity, it presents a smoother light emitting effect in the space.A variety of installation methods such as surface installation, embedded installation, and hoisting installation are available, and a variety of color temperatures and length specifications are available to match different space styles.Both ends of the lamp body are designed with quick-connect terminal splicing structure, so that there is no need to distinguish between positive and negative polarities during on-site installation, and installation is more worry-free; the unique internal power transmission design method solves the problem of short splicing length of such lamps.